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A Message from Ob-GynPAC

Chair James T. Breeden, MD

I’m honored to serve as your 2014 Ob-GynPAC Chair. Ob-GynPAC, ACOG's federal political action committee, helps elect and re-elect Members of Congress who support our specialty. In 2012, we made enormous strides toward electing candidates that support our mission of advancing women’s health legislation. We supported over 150 candidates and won 85% of those races. Ob-GynPAC also hit the million dollar mark in the 2011-2012 election cycle! Over 3,000 Ob-GynPAC donors achieved this milestone together.

The 113th Congress presents us with challenges and opportunities.  Reimbursement, protecting the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship, in-office ultrasound, liability reform, and women’s health funding are just a few of the fights that affect our specialty and the patients we serve. These fights mean we need a strong presence in Congress, or we’ll get steamrolled by other interests.

Ob-GynPAC is the only political entity that aggressively pursues the election and reelection of candidates who agree and advance ACOG’s position on key issues. Our success depends on you and support. I am proud of the support of our membership, but I know we can do even better. We all benefit from Ob-GynPAC’s efforts on Capitol Hill and in the Statehouses. If every ACOG member gave only $200 to our PAC, we’d have over $8 million. Many of you have gone above and beyond in your support; but we all need to be involved.  I welcome your participation in 2014.

Jim Breeden, MD, FACOG
Chair, Ob-GynPAC
Founders Circle Member