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The Importance of Advocacy

What is advocacy; what does it mean for our practices, our patients, and our specialty? Advocacy is a coordinated combination of problem identification, solution development, strategies devised, and actions taken to create positive change. ACOG's advocacy includes federal and state legislative and political actions to create positive change for our specialty. In ACOG's Importance of Advocacy Video, ACOG leaders and Members of Congress share lessons they've learned on the importance of your involvement in the democratic process and how you make a difference.

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This video can be used in Grand Rounds, District and Section Meetings to:

Raise awareness about important policy issues and mobilize members to take action:

  • MLR
  • Protect In-Office Ultrasound
  • SGR
  • Health Care Reform Implementation

Raise funds for Ob-GynPAC from new donors:

  • Testimonials From ACOG’s Top Leaders

Highlight What ACOG Is Doing for YOU, Ways to Get Involved:

  • Legislative News
  • Congressional Leadership Conference
  • Ob-GynPAC
  • Action Alerts
  • Fellowships
  • Lobbying